Friday, March 21, 2014

Neon Lights Photography

When its dark one more category for a photographer to explore would be Neon Lights. The bright shining colors of neon lights most commonly seen along commercial corridors of big cities attract several customers. Display of Neon lights can be in form of Text or Graphics. Huge electronic digital display boards with multiple graphics are most common in modern world in boosting the economy. Photographers need to use low ISO, adjusting apertures depending on colors and distance, allowing shutter speeds from few to several seconds and finally taking the Images just after sunset or with contrast backgrounds mostly in dark. Manual exposure would give good results in taking Neon lights pictures.

Few pictures I took on Neon Lights are shown here.

Click on each picture to see in large format

These Three pictures show the Neon Signs of commercial business units. Each picture has variations in color, background and location.  Exposure time changed from 1/5 to 1/15 seconds and aperture settings are between f5 to f8.

This picture shows the Neon lights indoors of a commercial Game center. Neon paints and lights exhibit a different environment. It is a struggle to capture true colors in a closed environment for neon lights.

These two pictures show how a decorative LED/Neon lights reflect when pictured at night. With no flash and low ISO settings these images were photographed during Christmas holidays.

These Three pictures show the reflecting Neon signatures in a Digital environment. Electronic chips and flashing lights enable the pattern of neon lights to display Info on huge boards and are sure signs to catch attention.

What if you look at huge cities from vertical section during night? Several lights when photographed from aerial view displays the following pattern. There are several neon lights within complex environment getting mixed with dominant color.

This picture shows the bright radiance of neon lights when projected over a structure.

This last picture shows the beautiful colors painted on a glass to show a pattern of Neon signature in olden days when there was no electricity. Wonderful work and when sunlight passes through these glass pieces it resembles the perfect neon signature in a smooth texture. ISO is 200 and f-stop at 4.