World is full of surprises. It has beautiful and picturesque nature with bright colors and stunning beauty. It all depends on how the viewer looks with a perspective at landscapes that occur as we encounter or pass through. Most simple and often taken pictures by several people who have simple to advanced cameras are of landscapes. To test their abilities and skills one tends to click several shots on landscape scenery and share the moments with their friends and folks. I am no different than any common to expert Photographer. Being in Colorado it gave me plenty of opportunities to explore and capture beautiful Landscapes in my camera. I love taking these shots in different seasons and at different times. Good advantage of taking shots of Landscapes is they are still and allow us plenty of time to click with different exposure settings. 

This picture was taken near Georgetown in Colorado. It was noon and direct Sunlight over water gave little tough time to click with correct settings. Though I am not Impressed with outcome it shows details with silver shine water, lush green foliage on trees and slowly out focused hill slopes with sunlight in background. Used 18-55 mm lens with focal length at 30 and f-stop at 8. Exposure was at 1/60 seconds and with ISO 100.

Trails and Walks...Good source for nice Photographs...Near Barr Lake Nature Park in Brighton, Colorado. It was evening, cool and calm time allowing me to snap this shot which resulted in soft and smooth colors. Projected tracks are trail to the left and flowing canal waters which are slow and smooth. this allowed to show some reflections of foliage in water but not to the detail.

Three Musketeers in Lake Waters... Trees in water?
I took this picture since I got attracted to the fact that three tall grownup trees are standing in water than being normally on ground. Bright sky with over exposed light and transitioned tones on lake waters with three trees in foreground as main subjects gave good appeal to this picture.

Denver and Snow go together....Lovely scenes at several spots...Rocky Mountains in Colorado allow to capture splendid moments with snow at different heights and times during winter and other seasons (In fact there are several spots on Rockies where you can see snow through out the year). One location near our home...Experts say it is difficult to capture snow with correct exposure. Since this shot was taken from distance looking for scenic view than focusing on specific element or location, Intensity of light on snow did not play much role. Notice the bright light on snow in foreground to dull intensity at background since the tele-lens could capture details only to some distance.  Used Canon 55-250 mm tele-lens with exposure setting at 1/4000 and ISO 400.

Sunrise and Sunset Pictures are photographers delight. Mother Nature balances the compositions in sky for every photographer to capture the moment. It is easy to shoot pictures during these times but the only variation you get is how bright and sharp are the details you capture depending on time and exposure settings.  Mostly you get silhouettes of subjects on ground when you are trying to capture sunrise or sunset. This one I took from my backyard deck. Silver lining with sunset colors in sky was a moment to watch and capture. Used Canon 55-250 mm lens with f-stop at 4 and exposure setting at 1/2000 with ISO at 100.

Wednesday August 3, 2011

Special Times - Weather

In photography there may be some times where you get to click special instances spontaneously like during inclement weather, during fireworks etc. It is not necessary that everyone carries their camera all the times to capture these special instances immediately but when got a chance with a tool ready in your hand it is sure that you will frame some rare photographs. During such times it is by skill and perfection you get wonderful images. Few such occasions, I pictured these photos...

Rainbow pictures are one of the special instances where you get a chance to click. Immediately after a good downpour, if there is a sudden sunlight and if you chase the time in opposite direction to sun there is a good possibility to click a rainbow. It may be a complete arch or partial rainbow or sometimes if you are a jackpot winner you may get to shoot double rainbows too. Here, I got a chance to click this rainbow shot one evening in my neighborhood. There were only few seconds (normally you get only few minutes to see good rainbow and capture the shot) to see these vibrant colors in arch and picture it. Used long zoom with exposure time at 1/125 and with f-stop at 9.

This shot was framed one evening during sunset. It was clear sky with very few large clouds. Sun rays were projecting in an angle on this cloud resulting in pastel colors and appearing as painter's canvas. Buildings present on ground were perfect for silhouette effect at base of picture and entire cloud occupying the top frame as a alien ship in sky over the buildings. Clear blue sky around the red cloud was perfect for contrast in picture. Used 35-80 mm lens with focal length at 55 mm, f-stop: 5, ISO: 100, Exposure time: 1/100.

I took this picture one afternoon when there was hail storm in my neighborhood. It was quick instance and my portico helped in covering the shade to click. There were marble sized hail pieces falling from sky and quickly melting to water. Sudden downpour created mini flash flood in the streets. Highlights in this picture are Rain and Hail streaks, hail balls, rushing water down the street in rain and lush green vegetation of landscape. Overall, it was a good rain photo.

Lightning pictures are very difficult to capture. In fact, lightning photography is a special field where some good and expert photographers master to capture the occasions. Colorado is one of the best places to learn lightning photography. Captured this out of focus lightning picture in hurry during night from my backyard deck. The streaks of lightning around the Cell phone Tower was a perfect moment to capture. Took long exposure setting of 8 seconds with low ISO of 100 and focal length at 18mm. I kept exposure bias at -1. Took this frame as handheld which should have been on tripod instead. Happy with the result as the lightning streaks were good around tower which are magically balanced.



The above four pictures I posted together since they are of same Instance during evening time when there was intense lightning in my neighborhood. this time I was steady still using camera as handheld firm with my body against wall and camera to my chest. Two were clicked from inside, with glass door in front of lens due to rain and two were clicked in open air under shade to see the difference. Lightning streaks made no difference in clarity but outdoor features were more clear in pictures took in open air. These pictures were shot with quick shutter release which is totally opposite of normal lightning photography with long exposures. Origin points of lightning in sky can be seen with endings being on ground behind the structures.

Friday, September 9, 2011

Sunset Pictures

 It is easy for photographer to click pictures of surroundings with his gadgets whenever and wherever he/she gats a chance. In this process there is possibility for photographer to visit and re-visit the places for capturing photos of interest again and again or only once, if the visit happens to be expensive and dangerous. If the occurrence or event is worth the photographer risks and takes several pictures on topic to be covered without any hesitation. These, I term Same Place Photographs keeping certain elements of location as bench marks in pictures as common points to cover the shots repetitively either on same day at different times or on different days and times.

Few pictures I am showing here are of SUNSET. Every one likes Sunrise and Sunset views. We get to see these occasions near beach locations, top of mountains, near lakes, at desert etc. Since it is easy to capture Sunset pictures more often than Sunrise (You need to be on right spot at right time with good mood so early…) there are several photographers who aim at these Sunset Pictures. Sunset pictures exhibit several combinations of color up in the sky everyday depending on the correct weather conditions. Clear skies, good cloud formations with several openings and bright sun about to set are perfect settings to capture nice Sunset photos. Most of the color schematics to reflect in photo are done by nature and all you have to do is, be ready with correct lens and settings.

Colorado is one such beautiful place to see bright radiant colors at the time of sunset. This location is my neighborhood in Denver and everyday I see Sunset in various colors and compositions. Note the presence of same buildings and street lights with vegetation in all these pictures being common with sunset background varying. These pictures were taken on different days at different times during sunset but at same place and location. Most of the objects/subjects in foreground in sunset pictures are seen as Silhouettes and this gives a dramatic look in pictures.

Click on each picture to see in large format

Lens: Canon 55-250mm at 150mm, f-stop: 5.6, Exposure: 1/20 

Mostly the skies are red or orange during sunset. This picture has clear blue sky with black clouds puffed with red reflections at the curves.

Just before sunset, sun rays emerging from gaps as eternal bliss...from heaven.

Look at the total Orange on sky and entire street reflecting golden shine. Exposure: 1/200, f-stop: 6, lens at 70mm and ISO on 200.

Total red at Horizon and clouds with Red and Burgundy finish. Silhouette effect of street lights and buildings..

Heavy downpour just before sunset time. Look at the dark veil like clouds bringing down the waters from sky to ground... foreground is with rain and background is getting ready for sunset.

Lightning before sunset time with heavy down pour. Clear buildings in foreground and background getting ready for sunset.

Three clear layers: 1) Black silhouettes -buildings with evening lights on 2) White, silver sky and 3) Burgundy/Red thick clouds on top. Wonderful combination. Lens: 35mm, ISO 600, exposure: 1/50.

Look at the small opening at background with sun rays and pitch dark cloud cover with silver lining at edges on right.

Another picture at same place at different day/time at sunset time...Blessings from heaven.

Look at the radiant silver shine behind buildings with entire sky covered with orange tone.

I liked this picture since it has bright Orange radiation behind the buildings which is in contrast to silver white radiations we see on normal sunset times.

I was thrilled to see blood red sky at sunset time. It is hard to explain and describe the color. Red and Black combination with grey shades at background in this Sunset picture. Wonderful....

Another view with silver line and orange shades in clear blue skies...

Another Red Cloud..

It is not necessary that sunsets are always in Orange and Red colors...This one is beautiful with gray shades..

Complex shades..yet beautiful...

Friday, October 28, 2011 

Fall Foliage - Urban setting

Every photographer dreams of capturing vivid colors of nature during fall. It is very common that most photographers drive to mountains and settle during golden times of sunrise or sunset to capture the warm colors of foliage spread across the mountain slopes. Photographers used to struggle and apply various skillful techniques while taking the pictures of fall colors during film camera times. Now, due to availability of several high end digital cameras several lapses faced by old time photographers are eliminated by these gadgets and also by applying various post production techniques using software packages it is not that hard to get good fall color pictures. Little patience and Interest will generate excellent pictures of fall colors that are present within our neighborhood.

I made an attempt to capture good fall foliage - contrast colors focusing mainly within urban settings. It is hard to believe that trees change colors so beautifully during fall reflecting a total different scenario around us that is completely changed.

Click on each picture to see in large format

Let me start with wide area covered by slowly changing fall foliage that is present along the slopes of Rockies. At the backdrop you can see good snow cover on high altitude and the mid range being completely bald. Foot hills are covered with good vegetation and a nice urban setting is within the changing fall foliage.

This picture shows us the fall foliage of urban complex with a golf course. Some trees started changing colors from green to light yellow while few have already changed to red and burgundy. I took a long shot to cover good area before tall buildings of urban complex. Lens: 70-300mm, f-stop: 5.6 ISO: 100 and Exposure 1/400.

This picture shows the view of a street in neighborhood. Good fall foliage with vivid colors and warm evening sky just at dusk. Lens: 55mm, f-stop: 5, ISO-1600 and Exposure: 1/50.

This is another street scene with good fall foliage and contrast colors.

This is a picture showing very nice mix of Green, Yellow and Red fall foliage colors along the street. 

Look at the contrast colors seen within neighborhood. Mix of Yellow, Green and Red in a row with evening sunlight falling on foliage reflecting golden color on top is worth watching. I tried to minimize the bright light on top left but wanted to capture the mix of light blue shade of sky within the frame…

This photo shows the landscape in front of a building with nice fall foliage. Beautiful fall colors within a small area and with a splendid contrast within close proximity. Morning sunlight from opposite direction falling on this foliage added golden glow. (It is common that several photographers avoid glare of sun on foliage to get good saturation levels of foliage but, I like little glow with colors).

Mix of Colors...Painter's Canvas...

These three pictures show fall foliage of same color (due to same species of vegetation) if seen in a row. Fall colors are reflecting golden Yellow to flaming Red.

These three pictures show nice serene lake (within the city) with calm blue waters and good fall foliage along the banks. I captured these images during early hours. Much of the foliage is green and yellow with nice reflections in water. 

The following pictures show Individual Trees with different fall foliage colors. Some are totally transformed colors from green and few are in transformation process.

Finally the fall….ing leaves…..the process of Fall Season…Soon the trees are with bald trunks and stems….