Tuesday, April 17, 2012

Spring Colors

It’s quite common to see the fall color pictures took by several photographers around the globe. Spring time photography follows the similar path with special care aiming towards flowers and budding flora. Surprisingly we see very few photos of spring season though several photographers try to click the buds, leaves and flowers which start blooming at spring. Most photographers try capturing these budding moments using their Macro lenses to get one on one magnification and colors. It is best to capture these cool, soft and vibrant colors of spring during dawn or dusk to capture the eye pleasing images.

I tried to capture some pictures of spring colors with my little known knowledge and techniques using my gadgets of photography. Mostly these colors of flora are seen in Colorado and I guess there might be several different eye pleasing colors seen in other parts of world during spring.

Few pictures I took on Spring Colors are shown here:

Click on each picture to see in large format

This is one picture to show the spring setting with neighborhood and vegetation. Notice different shades of green, white and red trees with spring flowers and Rocky Mountains in backdrop with shining snow during spring.

This is one more picture showing different shades of Spring Colors in close proximity within neighborhood. Can anyone imagine shades of Purple to dark green within one home?

These are few photos showing Purple flowers of Oklahoma Redbud tree. The Oklahoma Redbud is one of the first trees to flower in early spring, blooming petite purple-pink flowers in large clusters.

Pink/Red shades of Profusion Crabapple tree. This tree is with bright color and beautiful to see during spring along the drive ways and in neighborhoods.

These two pictures are showing spring flowers of Siberian Crabapple tree. Siberian Crabapple is one of the best trees for adding color to neighborhood landscape during spring. 

Few pictures showing Lavendar color flowers during spring. Veronicas/Fringes, Moss Phlox and Speedwell plants with spikes and clustered flowers are common and widely seen as ornamental bush plants in neighborhoods.

These pictures show Lynwood Gold Forsythia flowers during spring. Contrast Yellow color with nicely bloomed flowers completely on stems gives a beautiful and dramatic appearance during spring.

These are few pictures showing different spring flowers and a Tulip. Tulips are first plants to bloom during spring.

Spring is also seen with budding leaves and glowing foliage with light green shades.

Mix of White flowers with Red spring leaves of plum/pear trees are beautiful to see.

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